Using Tablets in the ESL Classroom

You have access to tablets and want to have pedagogical ideas to use them with your students?

You will find various tasks, learning stituations, classroom management ideas and other recommendations. 


What Happened to the Drama Teacher?

In this scenario, students will reinvest information to write a narrative in order to produce a digital story.
Students will become a potential suspect in an investigation. They will personify a suspect and produce a statement about what happened to the drama teacher.
In teams of 2-3, students will brainstorm their version of the events that took place by using information given to them on a suspect card.
They will : Write a text (testimony) about the event. (...)

Mission ArtVader

It’s 2016, and Planet Earth is now being ruled by ArtVader. Artvader detests artists, and has assumed the mission to eliminate all forms of art from Earth.
The JedArts, a secret unit of rebels, has been created to counteract this dire situation. We are calling on all students to unite to help art survive.
To fulfill their part of the mission, students will have to use an app called TinyTap to create five activities about a major artist of their choice.
Listen to the (...)

Classroom Organization Using Tablets

Your classroom organization will depend on the number of tablets available, the level of your students and your level of comfort with technology. Even if you have one tablet per student, you might want to consider organising workshop stations and group your students in pairs.
Is the attached documents, we present some recommendations for a better experience integrating (...)

iPad Rally

Denise St-Pierre, conseillère RÉCIT, CSBE
Translated by : Dianne Stankiewicz, ESL Consultant, CSBE

Using Audio and Video in ESL

In this presentation, you will find various ideas to use audio and video in order to develop the ESL competencies.

Resources on Pinterest

Access information, resources and ideas on using the iPad in the classroom.

The Story of Manga

This Learning and Evaluation Situation is designed to allow students to produce a digital, Manga style comic strip using an iPad and digital software. The students will demonstrate their understanding of the LES by appreciating, creating, editing and publishing their own digital comic book.

C2 Tasks - Using Tablets in the ESL Classroom

Intention of the tasks
Read a story or a text and reinvest understanding in short tasks using ICTs (tablets).
There are many ways to use tablets in the ESL classroom. The different tasks presented in the attached documents are only an overview of the infinite possibilities of how you can use tablets with your students.
The tasks can be used either at the primary or the secondary level.
Depending on the level of your students, you can offer less or more (...)