Tuned In to Culture! Audioguides to Discover Quebec!

Friends of Culture...
... scientific, mathematic, artistic, historic, literary, local culture...
All are pretexts to promote culture in our region. This year, the entire RECIT network has put its support and energy behind this provincial project. All subject areas are invited to participate in “Tuned In To Culture, Audioguides To Discover Quebec.” A unique opportunity to integrate ICT’s into your classroom in an exciting, collective, multidisciplinary and “mobile” project. In collaboration with the “Month of Culture in our schools” we propose a hands on turnkey project for all teachers and students of Quebec.

What is this project?

Students are invited to produce podcasts in the form of audioguides that highlight their immediate cultural environment. Local works of art, the history behind the name of a street or waterway, a statue, a piece of architecture, the birthplace of an author, anything of cultural interest.
Students research, write and record their production using recording software to create podcasts between one and four minutes in length, paying attention to appropriateness of information, diction, rhythm, cadence, etc.

With the teachers help, students can submit their podcast, which may also contain still images (enhanced podcasts) on the BaladoWeb site.
All podcasts are geotagged so that they can be accessed in the field using apps available for most mobile technology.

This allows the possibility to also produce “walking tour tourist-guides” that can be used when visiting your region of Quebec.