Producing and sharing podcasts presents an up-to-date version of an approach experimented with since 2008. Due to the projects’ popularity and the increase of podcast offers, the Service national du RÉCIT, domaine des langues collaborated with BaNQ to offer a new platform that will host students’ podcasts.

Since then, digital technology has evolved and is more accessible. The podcast genre has become more popular and can be listened to anywhere with a mobile device. It is a media that connects to the student’s interests and culture.
It is the opportunity to learn about the steps of the podcast production process, create a product for a real audience and mobilize various knowledge such as:

  1. Understand the podcast genre
  2. Use the inquiry process
  3. Write an informative text that will be heard
  4. Make links with cultural aspects of our society
  5. Produce a podcast
  6. Share a podcast on the new BaladoWeb platform (BaNQ) (available in English very soon)
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