Using Robots and Coding in ESL

Elementary and Secondary

We created this website to support teachers interested in using robotics and coding in their classroom. Developing programming skills is one of the competency from the Digital Competency Framework.There are different possibilities that are offered depending on the level of students.

On this website you will find information about different robots or coding resources, challenges to learn how to use these technologies and ways to use them in your classroom.

It is divided per station:

Station 1: Bee-bot and Blue-bot
Station 2: Lego WeDo
Station 3: Dash and Cue
Station 4: Scratch Jr and Scratch
Station 5: Sphero Bolt
Station 6: Makey Makey and Scratch

This training day was part of a the 15081 measure and was given in collaboration with RÉCIT consultants from the CSS Marie-Victorin: Geneviève Archambault and Julie Carignan.

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