Integrating ICTs in the ESL Classroom

How to integrate technology in your planning

For the last few years, the offer of digital educational resources increased.

The integration in class is not always easy. We need to: make good choices and adapt the activities according to our reality organize the classroom differently depending on the resources available.

In this workshop, eight stations are available to help teachers explore pedagogical ideas to use ICTs. Using a participant booklet, teachers will reflect on how technologies can be integrated in their planning. They will have the opportunity to plan an activity related to their pedagogical intention.

The intentions of this workshop is to:

  • Share a vision of digitally enhanced learning in the ESL classroom
  • Explore ICT integration for the ESL classroom
  • Plan the integration of technology collaboratively
  • To become more autonomous integrating digital tools

We invite you to explore the stations on your own since all the resources are provided to guide you through the process. Don’t hesitate to share your ideas and activities with others.

Resources linked to this article
Participant Booklet - Google Slides