Animal Rescue Centre

Elementary cycle 3


The RÉCIT des langues collaborated with teachers at the CSSMV in order to design short reinvestment tasks. Teachers in this project quickly realized that to create a good reinvestment task, it is important to follow the steps and therefore, it takes time.

Pedagogical intention

In the final task, students will reinvest their understanding of the challenges leading to animal extinction and explain how their rescue center is designed to maintain the survival of their chosen animals.

Mix and Match

For each step, a choice of activities integrating technologies are suggested and teachers can choose which one to use with their students according to their needs and technology available.

How to use these documents

You can add, delete, and modify every element to adapt to your students’ needs and the technology available. The student booklet (SB) could be used in a digital format or printed.

Microsoft versions will be available soon.

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