Distance Learning Pilot Project

2 units readily available !

To provide teachers and students with a quality distance teaching and learning platform, our team has been creating complete learning and evaluation situations. We have scaffolded units that bring students to question the role of language and communication in their world.

Our units foster agency by providing students with choices and by making sure that everyone’s voice can be heard through tangible communicative actions. What’s more, the units’ authentic texts not only provide students with various perspectives of the world, but they also broaden the students’ field of interest.

This pilot project aligns with the Secondary 5 Quebec Education Program and Progression of Learning. It also takes into account the most effective pedagogical practices for both in class and online learning.

We hope the units serve as models for educators who want to teach online or who want to harness the full potential of technology in their classroom.

You can view the available units here in the Modules RÉCIT section .

You can view the presentation webinar here.

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