Ideas to Use the IWB in the Classroom - Stories

Elementary Cycle 2 and 3

1- Write a collective story with tools such as StoryJumper, Storybird.

2- Plan a comic strips using an open canvas and tools such as Make Belief Comics.

3- Have students create word games (tutorial Notebook - ActivInspire) with the targeted vocabulary.

4- Use graphic organisers (storyboard, chart, Venn diagram...) to : plan a project, write a text, understand a text, etc.

5- Record a story using the audio recorder (tutorial Notebook - ActivInspire) in the IWB software.

6- Use a tool like Popplet to :

Brainstorm vocabulary, then add pictures and sort the words into categories
Plan or tell a story
Present a character/object/concept or create a character/object

7- Use a timeline tool to present chronological events of a story, timelines of a person’s life, an historical event, plan a story (it creates a story map).

8- Record a fable or a story using the audio tool and ask students to draw the story with tools such as TuxPaint, Lopart or the drawing tools of the IWB software.