Our Family Photo Album

Author: Sylvia Schmidt

Elementary and Secondary. Adaptable to all levels.

Looking for a way to put some excitement into your unit on the family? Here’s a cooperative activity where children can be creative, reinvest vocabulary they have learned in class, and put their…and your …computer skills to the test.

This activity is as basic or as complicated as you and your students decide to make it. Prior knowledge of how to use a presentation application (Power Point, AppleWorks, Keynote) is an advantage, but if you have never used one, you may find this activity a good place to start.

First view the Tutorial (Slides 1-6). The Student Presentation (Slides 7 and 8) is set up for your students to get started. Basically, each page in the photo album is devoted to a family. Students create a family, select roles, dress up, photograph their family, and then describe it on their album page. You need a digital camera or scanner, a presentation application, and lots of imagination!



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