What Happened to the Drama Teacher?

In this scenario, students will reinvest information to write a narrative in order to produce a digital story.
Students will become a potential suspect in an investigation. They will personify a suspect and produce a statement about what happened to the drama teacher.
In teams of 2-3, students will brainstorm their version of the events that took place by using information given to them on a suspect card.
They will : Write a text (testimony) about the event. (...)

Image in Advertising: Trivial or Strategic? (update 2015)

In the following Learning and Evaluation Situation student will explore the power of images used in advertisements today. They will go behind the scenes of the advertising world to discover how companies go about their business and how they put together the images we see in their ads. At the end of the situation, they will create their own media message.
Authors : Sandra Laine, Service national du RÉCIT, domaine des langues in collaboration with Rachel Lalonde, (...)

A History of Film - Updated Version (2015)

Students will do research to find information regarding the history of film, a chosen genre of film or video, and techniques for video production. They will then prepare a presentation illustrating the genre of their choice. The presentation could take the form of a two-minute digital video, a digital multimedia slide show (PowerPoint type) with clips of an example of the movie genre inserted, etc. These will be presented at a mini film fair. Author: Pamela Gunning, Teacher, (...)

Podcast a How To!

In this project, we introduce students to podcasting by creating a How to.
Before creating their How to, we explain to students the purpose of podcasting and help them deconstruct a podcast to better understand its structure.
For more information about podcasting, visit our site Baladoweb!

The Boy With a Past

Students will listen to a podcast about a teenage boy who gave his twin babies up for adoption when he was fifteen years old. Years later, unable to stop thinking about his son and daughter, he searches and finally is able to get their names and finds them on Facebook. He writes the twins a long letter explaining his choices from long ago. To this day, they have yet to answer him.
* The podcast is password protected, please send us an email.
Please note that this learning activity (...)