Review It!
In this activity, we invite students to share their opinion about an English book they think (...)
Secondary - Special Christmas Activities
Are You Online on December 17, 18, 21 or 22? We prepared special Christmas activities for you! (...)
Infer and Predict
We created a mini unit to help you kick off the new year but it could be used anytime! By (...)
What Happened to the Drama Teacher?
In this scenario, students will reinvest information to write a narrative in order to produce a (...)
Podcast a How To!
In this project, we introduce students to podcasting by creating a How to. Before creating (...)
Image in Advertising: Trivial or Strategic? (update 2015)
In the following Learning and Evaluation Situation student will explore the power of images (...)
A History of Film - Updated Version (2015)
Students will do research to find information regarding the history of film, a chosen genre of (...)
The Boy With a Past
Students will listen to a podcast about a teenage boy who gave his twin babies up for adoption (...)